A  poor air conditioning unit that can be bought at big box stores and install yourself are reasonably cheap and may seem like a great option at first. However, if you own a home and are choosing whether or not to install central air, consider the potential health concerns of choosing a poor quality, store bought air conditioning unit instead of a central air unit.

1. Viral Attack!

A poor air conditioner unit draws heat and humidity from a room, thus lowering the ambient temperature. But this dehumidifying effect may cause drying of the mucus-coated lining inside your nose. That’s pretty uncomfortable, and it makes it easier for airborne viruses to attack. Viruses! In the air! Attacking! You should consider calling Progressive, your Air Conditioning Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida.

2. I Can’t Stop Sneezing!

No, you can’t. The humidity drawn from the air is not sent off to a far-away land. Rather, it is deposited on the cooling coils of the air conditioner. Add dust and you have prime real estate for mold-growing spores. You have to remove, clean, and cover a poor quality window unit during the winter. Further, if you don’t replace the unit’s filters, or if you use cheaper filters, you may be inadvertently allowing mold spores carrying dust to pass through the unit and your unsuspecting nose. You may be coughing, sneezing, have a runny nose or watery eyes, and never know it’s the air conditioner in the window causing your suffering. Consider calling Progressive, your Air Conditioning Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida, we’ll help you find a healthier, long-term solution for your air.

3. I Came Inside to Get Away from What Was Outside

Ideally, an air conditioner should not allow outside air to make its way into your home. But despite the best efforts of many wall unit users, there are many breaches in the seals. These openings make it harder for the unit to work properly and allow outdoor allergens and pollutants into your home. Do you really want that in your home? I suggest calling Progressive, your Air Conditioning Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida.

Did I Mention Calling Progressive, your Air Conditioning Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida?

Hey. Central Air. It’s what we do. And if you own a home in the sometimes fiery hot state of Florida, it’s what you need. We’d love to meet with you, inspect your home, and outline options fit to your needs and budget.