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HVAC residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL

Progressive Air & Mechanical is your knight in shining armor, ready and waiting for that moment when help is needed!

Anything from quick fixes to new HVAC installation, we’ve got you covered! No longer will you have to sit in front of the fan—covered in sweat and ice cubes—waiting for those “other companies” who don't take our emergency and comfort as seriously as we do.

We are your Defenders from the Heat

residential air conditioning service Jacksonville FL residential hvac

The friendly experts at Progressive Air & Mechanical in Jacksonville, FL realize that when it comes to air conditioning, there is no time to wait. We keep each service van well stocked with everything needed for repairs and new installations to eliminate extra trips and appointments.

When your AC system stops working, the first step is to give us a call. We can then get some information from you including your name, phone number, and address. From here we can check your history. If we have served you before, we can more quickly and easily assist you in getting an appointment made. Then one of our friendly technicians will be sent to your home to diagnose the problem, give you a quote on repairs or replacement, and then, once the job is approved, he or she will begin fixing the problem.

New Installation

Air Conditioning Installation Jacksonville, FL

The process for getting a new HVAC system installed is much like getting a repair—only it’s more involved. We will need to respectfully inspect all areas that need airflow and lay down protective cloths, move furniture, and whatever else needs done before dismantling the remnants of the old system to make room for the new one.

The refrigerant from the previous system will be recovered. Old refrigerant (especially much older refrigerant) is bad for the environment, so we are extra careful to collect it while we remove it. And don’t worry about any other mess; we will clean up after ourselves if need be.

Our service vans are loaded with all of the equipment needed for maintenance and installation, and any irregular or outdated parts can be procured otherwise.

Further, we are not “brand snobs!” We will work on any brand of system: old, new, or foreign. You also don’t need to worry about us pitching you a new system from one of the super special brands that we carry.

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Our mission

“Provide a quality product at a reasonable price, outstanding customer service, and you will always have a satisfied customer.”




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