What is Your HVAC Telling YOU? HVAC Repair in Jacksonville, FL

The heat of the season is starting arrive. You sit out on your porch sipping a nice, cold lemonade while the kids play inside. You’re completely unaware of a presence in your home. This presence is not a person, but rather a machine. It’s your HVAC unit.

For weeks, your HVAC unit has been trying to send you a message. Of course, this is kind tricky, it being an inanimate object and all, but you’ve been avoiding your HVAC all together because you don’t want to face the reality that it needs repair.

So, what might your HVAC be telling you exactly? We’re glad you asked.

Hidden Message from Your Air Conditioning Unit – HVAC Repair in Jacksonville, FL

1. The Air Flow is Less than Optimal

If you’ve been sitting near your HVAC unit for the last two hours and have not felt a lick of cool air, this is probably an issue. Your air conditioning unit should not be taking ten years or longer to produce cool air. Poor or no air flow is a sign that the compressor in your HVAC unit could be broken. This can be caused by debris that stuck in your unit over time, which not only causes uncomforted in your home, but also presents a health risk to your family members who are breathing in that decree. This is an urgent situation that calls for immediate HVAC repair in Jacksonville, FL.

2. Unsolicited Moisture Around Your HVAC Unit

If you’ve noticed an increased amount of moisture on or near your HVAC unit, this might be pointing to a leak in your air conditioner. In most cases, this will be a refrigerant leak, which can cause serious damage to the health of your family. In other rare cases, this moisture will simply be water, which indicates a broken or blocked drain tube. Either way, a professional who specializes in HVAC repair in Jacksonville, FL is necessary for the well-being of your household.

3. Strange, Disturbing Sounds

Your HVAC unit could be producing a number of sounds. Squiling, grinding, and grating are all common sounds to hear when your air conditioning unit needs repair. For example, if your HVAC unit is producing a squealing sound, it probably means that the belt within your unit has fallen out of place. A grinding sound within your air conditioning unit indicates broken motor bearings. Whatever the sound, it’s important to get your HVAC unit inspected sooner rather than later. If any of these indications sound familiar, your HVAC is trying to speak to you! If you don’t listen, your home might pay the consequences. So, do the logical thing, pay attention to what your HVAC is trying to tell you.